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Freestanding Washer Dryer

Give your laundry the gentle treatment it deserves while
saving space in the laundry room with our
freestanding washer dryer range.



Maximise on space and function in your laundry with a washer dryer combo from Beko. A washing machine and dryer can fill-up your laundry fast, so why not

reduce the clutter and opt for the ultimate two-in-one appliance? Combining your washing and drying in one convenient package, a washer dryer is the ultimate

space-saver when room in your laundry is at a premium. Packed with features that make laundry days a breeze, explore our range of washer dryer appliances



Intuitively designed and easy to use, our washer dryer combos are equipped with powerful technology that treats your clothes gently and washes them perfectly.

Throw in a load and let your washer dryer get to work - this all-in-one appliance gets you out of the laundry room fuss-free. With a seamless transition from wash

to dry, multi-tasking on laundry day has never been simpler. Equipped with a range of quick wash options, be out of the door in a freshly washed oufit in just an

hour. Gone are the days where washing and drying is a day-long task - by choosing a washer dryer combo, all the heavy lifting from laundry day is covered.



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Freestanding Washer Dryer (7.5 kg / 4 kg, 1400 rpm)

  • 1 kg of laundry, ready to wear in 1 h
  • High efficiency, high durability, low noise
  • Fresher clothes in 30 min


Freestanding Washer Dryer (7.5 kg / 4 kg, 1400 rpm)

  • 1 kg of laundry, ready to wear in 1 h
  • High efficiency, high durability, low noise
  • Ultra-hygienic results at any temperature
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Looking for more? Beko's feature-packed laundry appliances are designed to make life simpler. Explore our range of washing machines, clothes dryers,

and steam irons to complete your laundry line-up.



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