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Enjoy the superior cooking performance 
of our built-in cooktop range.


Perfect your stove-top cooking with our impressive built-in cooktop range. Functional, sleek, and easy to clean, our cooktops are equipped with a range of impressive

features and technologies that make cooking a breeze. Gas, electric, or induction - finding the right cooktop for your kitchen has never been simpler with Beko.


Our cooktop range makes cooking any meal and cleaning any mess fuss-free. Our gas cooktops are built with convenient cooking features like electronic ignitions

and high-efficiency gas burners, allowing you to control your heat and cooking with ease. For those looking for a sleek and functional electric or induction cooktop,

our range is equipped with features like direct access control and precise heating capabilities, providing sophisticated aesthetics and practical functionality for

any kitchen.


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Built-In Cooktop (Gas, 60 cm)

  • Cooking fast and at high temperatures with extremely intense flame.
  • Faster & more efficient cooking with special burner design
  • Automatic gas cut-off
Appetising cooking features that make healthy living easy
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Looking for more? Explore our impressive range of ovens and rangehoods to complete your kitchen with cooking appliances from Beko.



Latest Tech


Sparkling dishwasher features that save time
- discover our latest dishwasher innovations.

Beko Warranty Registration


Everyone deserves peace of mind when buying a new product. That’s why Beko has your back with a manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.


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